How to work successfully in a team

How to work successfully in a team

Teamwork is a big part of education, work and life. Successfully working in a team could help you reach goals that would almost be impossible on your own. It could also be a vital part of a task at college or university. How do you make sure that all the aspects of a team work together successfully?

A clear team goal

This tip is probably the most important. Each member of the team must have a clear understanding of the collective goals in order to ensure they’re motivated and stay on task. What’s the point if everybody is working towards a different outcome?

Open, unblocked and honest lines of communication

Each team member should have the confidence to express their views and opinions amongst the team. To achieve this, channels of communication (such as email, phone, or face-to-face) should be accessible and free. The communication within the team should be focused on the success of the project or goal.

Foster a collaborative climate

Encourage reliance on others within a team, especially if individual roles have been delegated. It’s important that each members strengths and weaknesses are defined an understood by all members, so the group can delegate roles to the right person. But be supportive at the same time and don’t be afraid to help those who need it. Empowering a team by congratulating them on their successes could go a long way in keeping the team motivated and productive, and help foster a collaborative climate.

Don’t just stick to negative feedback

Yes, negative feedback may be need sometimes – but there’s also power in being positive. Keep your feedback balanced so you don’t discourage your team members. Positive feedback will boost morale and enthusiasm for the project.

Respect each other

One of the key practices that a team must do in order to succeed is respect each other. Understand each other’s views and opinions, each team members strengths and weaknesses to minimize conflict and ensure maximum productivity.

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