How to thrive in hospitality industry?

How to thrive in hospitality industry?

If you are HND hospitality student or you want to enter the profession, we have some tips that will help you to thrive within the industry.

Build connections

In hospitality building connections is absolutely crucial. If you work directly with customers, you will need to provide them with excellent service and make them feel welcomed. Details how to interact with customers may be differ from one company to the other. Backpacking hostels have different culture than five stars hotels. Employment in hospitality will give you opportunity to use theoretical knowledge from school in practice.

Learn multitasking

Working is hospitality requires certain level of multitasking. You will need to handle multiple customers at the same time and provide them with equally outstanding service. The art of multitasking differentiate average hospitality staff from excellent.

Pay attention to detail

In hospitality you need to notice even the smallest details and act accordingly. In high-end establishments staff is even expected to act before a guest makes a request!


Be flexible and prepared

Flexibility is really important in hospitality. Sometimes things get out of control. You may need to face emergency situation such as fire. If you work in tourism hospitality you might need to deal with flight cancellations, broke down vehicles or any other unexpected circumstances. You will need to remain calm, know your procedures and lead the customers accordingly. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore Health and Safety training during your induction process.

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