3 tips for your first week in Higher Education

3 tips for your first week in Higher Education

Jumping from A-level to Higher Education can be daunting. It takes time to adjust to what will likely be a new environment, new people and new challenges.

How can you survive your first week in Higher Education?

Be prepared

It’s best to be as prepared as you possibly can before you venture into Higher Education. Before induction, take a note of what you will need to take with you, how to get there, and where you’ll need to go when you arrive. Although it’s common sense, you’ll be surprised at how many people fail to turn up to induction all together. Make sure you go, as the information they’ll provide you with will support you through your first weeks and the rest of your course.

Be open and meet new people

You won’t be alone. There will be loads of new people starting at the exact same time as you, who will all be as nervous as you are. Be open and prepare yourself to meet new people. In your first week you are most likely to meet new people who will be with you for your entire College life than at any other time during your studies, so take advantage of this.

Get familiar with the environment

Whenever you have free time whilst you’re in campus, take the opportunity to take a look around. Note where their important facilities are, such as the library or computer room. Also, it’s best to find yourself a suitable and quiet study spot, for when you’re neck deep in assignments.

Do you have any important tips for your first week in Higher Education?

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