How to keep healthy lifestyle all year around?

How to keep healthy lifestyle all year around?

For many September is the time when summer comes to an end. You should not give up your healthy lifestyle though . Read our tips how to remain healthy all year around.

Eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of  the day. Good breakfast is essential and it should be eaten within two hours after you wake up. Regular breakfasts will help you to reduce obesity and prevent: high blood pressure and diabetes.

Avoid snacks and cravings

Do you feel guilty about that pack of chocolate you have finished last night? We all deserve a good treat from time to time but limiting cravings for unhealthy food will help you to prevent obesity and health dieses.

Avoid excessive eating out

It is great to celebrate special occasions in restaurants. However the researchers indicate that people who eat our regularly weight on average 5lb more. Think about brining your own lunch from home next time.

Maintain healthy and diverse diet

There are many books written on the topic healthy food. The two main rules that you should always follow are:

  • Stick with daily BMI targets of: 1,900kcl for men and 1,400kcl for women
  • Follow the balanced diet (see our food pyramid)

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Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is crucial to maintain healthy and balanced lifestyle. Your fitness level will increase and your wellbeing will improve. Most importantly regular exercise will reduce risk of: cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis, depression or even dementia.

Stay hydrated

Drinking water will help you to keep your skin glow, prevent headaches and flush out waste and bacteria.

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