What IT skills do employers look for?

What IT skills do employers look for?

In the digital age, IT skills are important when it comes to securing a job. Employers will not only look at your previous experience to find out if you have the right qualifications for the role, but they’ll also look at those transferable skills that will allow you to be a successful employee.

Below is a list of the key IT skills that employers are hunting for:

Online networking

If networking with other potential businesses and colleagues is a big part of your business/industry, then your ability to network online will be a key thing that employers will assess. Social media sites like LinkedIn have made it a lot easier for professionals to connect, share work and discuss their respective industries.

Ability to use Microsoft Office, or equivalent software

The ability to use Microsoft office, or the equivalent software, has become a must for most office based professions. If you’re not confident with using these programmes (Word, PowerPoint, etc) then you could be a few steps behind other professionals.

Ability to communicate through email

Email is a quick, easy and free way for staff to communicate with one another – and it’s used as one of the primary forms of communication in almost every company. A lot of organisations will use Outlook for emails, so it’s important that you’re aware of how the software works.

Online research

The internet has made it easier to research topics online. It’s a quicker way of gathering information than heading to a library and looking through appropriate books. But how do you know that the website you’re looking at is a credible source? The ability to decipher between useful and non-useful online resources is a key skill that employers are looking for.

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