How to prepare university application?

How to prepare university application?

If you are finishing your studies at EThames Graduate School soon, it might be time to think about your next steps. To finish you education with full bachelor degree you will need to apply to top-up course. You can do so at one of our partner universities. The application process is usually easy but there are certain things that you will need to prepare.

Check out the deadlines

Various universities undertake intakes few times a year. Check with our admissions team when is the next intake .

Prepare your application

Most universities will expect you to complete an application form either electronically or on paper. You will need to provide your personal details, education and work history. Make sure that that information you give is accurate and up to date.

Write your Cover Letter

Most universities will require you to write a cover letter. The cover letter should take no more than a page of A4 paper. You should write few sentences about yourself. Explain your interest in course that you apply for and any relevant experience that you have.

Get your academic references

Academic or work related references are required if you want to apply for top-up courses. EThames teachers are happy to give references to students if you ask them to. Make sure that you leave enough time for your teachers to write and send out your references.

Attend an interview and enrol

In some cases you may be required to attend an interview. Make sure that you arrive on time. After you are accepted on a course, you can celebrate! However don’t get overexcited with joy and remember that you need to enroll on time and follow the enrollment procedures. Failure to do so might result in removal from the list of students.

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