How to organize a successful event?

How to organize a successful event?


Hospitality students at EThames Graduate School need to organize an event as a part of their course. We have created some tips how to organize a successful event.

Plan your event Ahead

Whether you want to organize small or big event, planning is absolutely crucial. Usually big events require much more complex and advanced planning. Before writing down a detailed plan you should brainstorm with your colleagues some fundamental questions. What kind of event would you like to organize? How many people do you want to invite? What will be the location? What activities will you offer for your guests? How will you promote the event?

Be realistic

Planning an event is very exciting. Surely you and your colleagues will come up with many great ideas. However you should remain realistic. Don’t get overambitious with projects that will be impossible to organize due to financial or other constrains.


Follow the plan

At this stage you should have a broad plan created. It is time to get into more detailed planning of your event. You should stick to your plan. If you want your event to be a success it is important to remain committed and avoid procrastination.

Promote your event

You should promote your event a few weeks ahead. Print leaflets and posters and distribute them around the campus, in local shops, restaurants and libraries. Take advantage of social media platforms such as: Facebook or Twitter or blogs. Don’t be afraid to ask other people for advice.

Arrange venue and the big day

Make sure that all details about your venue are sorted out and it is clearly agreed when you start and finish the event. If your event is about selling food and organizing fun activities, make sure everything is prepared ahead.


Collect Feedback

It is always great to send thank you notes to participants of your event. Ask people for feedback to gain valuable insight of what went good and what went bad.

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