New to London? We’ve put together 10 important Do’s & Don’ts for you..

New to London? We’ve put together 10 important Do’s & Don’ts for you..

London by far is the most busiest and crowded cities in the world, but don’t forget this is one place that is full of opportunities! Cease them when they exist.

As for you, whether you are planning on moving in or are already here we’ve put together some ground rules that will make it easier for you to settle in here quickly.

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  1. Tube map:

    You can live a very independent life here in London without being worried about getting lost for there is a lot of help available on local stations. Download the tube map or grab one from the local stations and plan your journey in advance to avoid any disruptions. Here’s the link of the most reliable Citymapper.

  1. Stay to your right on the escalators:

    In the busiest places ensure you stick to the right side of the escalator to ensure you are not holding back a queue. The last thing you would want is to attract any unpleasantness.

  1. Follow instructions of the tube voice: 

    That’s always for your safety. There are no two ways about it.

  1. Take quick steps:

    No matter how active you are, in London you will have to double your speed for everyone here is in a hurry.

  1. Major expenses:

    The three main expenses in London are rent, travel and food. If you manage to survive these without burning your savings in the first few months, think you have it all! And don’t worry if you don’t, it takes time to settle in.

  2. Register with NHS & apply for your National Insurance Number:

    Registering with NHS is very important beacuse in that way you can receive emergency care if you need and access healthcare services quicky and easily. Make sure you visit your nearest GP for details. Also, make sure you apply for your National Insurance number without which you won’t be able to take up a part-time job. Click here to apply for your National Insurance Number.

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7.  Take time out to enjoy the famous attractions in London:

In no time London life will engulf you, hence make sure you take the time out and go visit the famous attractions this place has to offer, specially the one’s that come with no cost involved like the London Bridge, the Big Ben, London Eye all the most talked about museums, parks, festivals, Winter Wonderland in December and get great pictures while you can for you won’t know where the year has slipped by. There’s also stuff you can do on a budget.

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8. Try the street food:

Make sure you try the street food on Oxford street (avoid on a Saturday as it’s crowded), Camden Market, China town for some great food. Don’t get stuck with the regular Nando’s and Burger King.

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9. Apply for your Student Oyster Photo Card:

The student oyster card entitles you to a 25% student’s discount on the travel you undertake. Once you’ve enrolled at the College/ University, you can apply for your student oyster card online on the Transport for London website. Also, make sure you carry your Oyster card with you everywhere you go. May it be a bus ride, a tube or an over ground service you need to take on, you don’t want to get stuck in a ticket queue or keep buying new cards.

10.  Carry an Umbrella

The rain doesn’t come as a surprise to the great London city. Hence, Make sure you carry your Umbrella with you at all times.

Do this and we’re good to go! In no time you will inhibit this lifestyle and conquer bigger and greater things this city has to offer.


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