How to make the most out of your newsletter

How to make the most out of your newsletter

A common practice amongst a lot of business, the newsletter is a timeless public relations and marketing tool that can be used to great effect if utilized right. How can you and your business make the most of your newsletter?

Are you identifying with your target audience?

If somebody asked you if you knew your target audience for your newsletter inside out, would you be able to answer them?
Understanding your audiences’ needs and wants from your brand and business is an important first step towards creating an engaging newsletter. If you’re delivering content to them that they’re just not interested in, the chances are less people are going to read it with each new edition.

Is it easily readable and accessible?

Layout, text size and picture quality are all key aspects that you need to consider when creating a newsletter. If your newsletter is unreadable, how do you expect your readers to be able to absorb the information? If you’re not confident with using code (such as HTML) then there are websites such as Mailchimp that will provide a template for you.

Another thing that you will need to keep in mind is how accessible your newsletter is. Try testing it by sending it to several different types of email accounts (such as Gmail, Hotmail, and so on) before you send it to your entire mail list.

Are you actively tracking your key newsletter metrics?

Your key metrics could be anything from the amount of opens your newsletter gets, to the amount of bounces you receive. What you track and measure is up to you, but should be based on a long term strategy with targets and goals in mind. Once you’ve got a track of your key metrics, you can then assess the data over time to see whether your newsletter is appealing to your audience.

Does your company or business have a newsletter? What do you do to make sure it’s effective? Let us know in the comment section below!

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