Charity event organised by EThames Students

Charity event organised by EThames Students

The Idea

Organising an event was part of the ‘Business Events Management’ module. Students collectively expressed that they would like to organize a charity event. Two charities were pre-selected:  ‘Cancer Research’ and ‘Make a Wish’. Through the majority vote, it was decided to promote and organise the event for ‘Make a Wish’ charity.

Promoting the event and fundraising

In order to successfully promote the event some students were in charge of marketing efforts. They created beautiful posters, which were placed all over the school. Emails were sent to promote the event and also the group of students walked around the college with beautifully designed boxes to collect money for charity. Moreover a separate website was made to fundraise money. So far £435 is raised by 21 supporters. It is still possible to donate money until 26th of July, so please be generous and support. Also food and activities were prepared by students who used their own money to make it happen. Therefore 100% of money raised at EThames before and during the event will go to charity. The final figure will be available on Monday and we will publish it on EThames Facebook page.

The big day and entertainment activities

There were many interesting activities for people to enjoy during the event. Students were really passionate and enthusiastic to volunteer their talents forward. One student did Henna tattoos. The others arranged a small beauty salon. There was also a quiz competition between men versus women. Students could play virtual, video bowling game with real movements sensor making it feel like playing a real game. The event was accompanied by music mixed by the skilled DJ student. Perhaps the most entertaining part of the afternoon was opportunity to splash water balloons at EThames teacher Junaid.

Participants of the events could also take part in the lottery. Lucky winners with numbers: 60,17 and 16 please remember to collect your award.

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The big day: food and drinks

The big part of the event was preparation of amazing food menu with dishes from all over the world.  The main menu items included: BBQ chicken, fried chicken with plain rice, rice and beans with beef stew, jolof rice and spicy chicken, chicken pilau rice and mince pie. In addition sandwiches and salads were also on offer. Dessert lovers could enjoy: rice cake, chocolate gluten free cakes, cupcakes with different toppings, buttercream cakes, Madeira loaf cake, fruits salad as well as smoothies.



Thank you everyone

On behalf of Junaid we would like to thank you everyone for making this event happen. Please see the message from Junaid below.

I would firstly like to thank Mandy, Bhanu, Nishi, Kim and Lisa for all your support throughout this event and for helping me set up the event. It meant a lot to me and the class.

Secondly, I would also like to thank all the lecturers for sending their students down to the basement for the event. It was highly appreciated by me and the class. The students were really happy to see a good number of people turning up to the event.

I would also like to thank the 1st floor guys for continuously helping us prepare the event. I know we kept bugging you but you never turned your back on us so thank you much.

Thank you all for coming to the event. I hope you enjoyed it. We have not counted the amount of money donated just yet. We will be doing so on Monday. I will inform you on the amount raised by everyone.

Once again, Thank you very much everyone. The class and myself felt the support given by everyone.






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