Make the most out of your summer holidays!

Make the most out of your summer holidays!

Finally the academic year is over and you may wonder what to do with plenty of time on your hands.


Summer is a great time to travel within the UK or to Europe. London, as a global hub, is very well connected with any travel destination you may dream of. If you like hot weather and beach holidays you can jet off to Spain, Italy, Romania or other Mediterranean countries for 20£. Keep an eye on: Ryaniar, Easyjet and other budget airlines websites. Also use Google Flights to compare and select the best flight deals.

Even within the UK, there are still many places to discover. If you are up for an outdoor adventure combined with city break consider Scotland. While travelling on budget you can take a night Megabus coach to Glasgow for as little as 9£. From there you can cheaply get to Edinburgh or further North to Highlands. Scotland is great for camping and backpacking. Check out website to massively reduce costs of your accommodation by staying in a hostel.

If you don’t feel like travelling very far, consider one day trips to famous places near London such as: Oxford, Cambridge, Stratford Upon Ave, Brighton or Windsor. Follow our blog for further advice on short trips near London.

Discover London

Even if you are native Londoner there are still many places to discover. London is home for famous: museums, theatres, galleries, shops, cinemas, restaurants, bars and clubs. If you feel overwhelmed with abundance of things to do, check the website to narrow down your choices according to your interests.

Do an internship or part-time job

Summer can be a good opportunity to gain practical experience in the field that you are passionate about. Check out our career tips. If you would like to fix your budget summer break is a perfect time to find a part time job. Some vacancies can be found on student-jobs website.


Volunteering is great way to give back to the community and gain invaluable experience. You could volunteer for a small local charity shop or social care home. Great website about volunteering opportunities in London you can find here.

Have a rest!

Most importantly it’s you break so you need to decide what you want to do. However remember to find time to relax and have a good rest before the next term.


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