How to maintain healthy work life balance?

How to maintain healthy work life balance?

We live in fast-paced changing world. EThames Graduate School students are frequently busy with their studies, work and family commitments. We have prepared a few tips how to maintain healthy work-life balance.

Why is work-life balance important?

Balance and harmony in life are crucial to remain physically and mentally healthy. Ignoring work-life balance may be beneficial for limited period of time to accomplish certain project or other activity. However in the long run you may experience burn-out and your physical well-being might be affected.

Keep yourself organized

Especially if you have a busy schedule good organization is key. Write down what you need to do each day. Be realistic and give yourself a bit of flexibility for unexpected delays. Prioritize the tasks that are more important to finish in a given time frame than others.

Plan your time to work and relax

Write down in your weekly plan when you can relax and when you need to relax. More importantly try your best not to mix work or studies with leisure. If you procrastinate it will affect your efficiency and it will take longer to complete your tasks. At this time when you relax, fully enjoy it and avoid any study-related activities.

Remain physically active

Studying is mentally demanding. Therefore it is important to stay physically active. Exercise regularly to remain healthy and avoid heart related diseases.



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