How to improve your study skills?

How to improve your study skills?


EThames graduate School students work hard to make the most out of their education. In this article we will give you some hints how to improve your learning skills.

Revise the material

Human brain is constructed in a way that it is easy to forget what we learn unless we use it. You need to revise that material that you have learnt and apply it in everyday life.

Learn with other students

It is scientifically proved that studying in a group will help you to understand and remember the material well. You will become more confident, as you will have a chance to speak about the course with other classmate and find out if what you know makes sense.

Get help from your teachers

Let’s be honest. Studying at the university means that you need to familiarize yourself with very complex topics. It is perfectly fine if you cannot understand certain parts of your material. However if you face a challenge you should ask for help. Don’t be shy. At EThames our teachers are always happy, when students ask to explain something, because it means that they are curious and care about their subject.

Be curious and passionate

If you only learn to pass an exam the chances are, you will not be very successful at your studies. You should be naturally curious, ask questions, be proactive to learn more. If you are truly passionate about your subject, it is very likely that you will succeed not only in your studies but also career.


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