How to prepare your social media for employment

How to prepare your social media for employment

Most people now have a social media profile. It’s a gateway into your life, a window into your interests, hobbies and work. Believe it or not but some employers will look at your social media profiles whilst screening job applications. What you put on your social media profile could be an integral part of whether you are employable to a company, or not.

Our tips below should help you make your social media profiles employer friendly.

Fill the About sections

Almost every social media site will have a section that allows you to fill in information about yourself. This could include your hobbies, interests, and both previous and current employment. If your About section is empty employers may think that you don’t do anything at all! Which will reflect badly on you.

Be careful about the things you post

On some social media sites a picture of you completely drunk with friends is acceptable. But on something like LinkedIn, it’s not so much of a good idea. Think about which site you’re posting on and what it’s purpose is for, so you don’t post the wrong thing for the wrong people to see.

Consider having two profiles

Sometimes, especially if you’re in a high profile role, it could be best to have two different profiles for each social media site. One for professional use, the other for personal use. You will then be able to separate what you want your friends to see with what you want your employers and other professionals to see.

Change your privacy settings

It’s always good for your safety online, but changing your privacy settings is another way to keep stuff you don’t want the public to see hidden. Almost all social media platforms have privacy settings, so it’s worth checking out.

 Do you have any suggestions on how to prepare your social media pages for employment? Let us know in the comment section below!

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