How to prepare for an interview

How to prepare for an interview

Preparing for an interview can be a nerve-racking and stressful time, but the more prepared you are the more likely your interview will be a success.

Here are our tips for nailing your job interview:

Research the company and their background

It’s important to research the company’s history, services and products so you’ll have a better understanding of their ethos and values. Demonstrating that you’ve conducted research before your interview will show you’re commitment to the role and it may give you some questions to ask towards the end of your interview. The company’s information may be found on their website or other locations online, so look there first.

Plan your answers for the questions they may ask

Revisit the job description and pick out the skills, abilities and experience that they are looking for.  The interviewer is likely to ask questions based around the job description, so make sure you can apply examples of previous work/projects in your answers.

Prepare your outfit

It’s always important to show that you’ve made an effort for your interview by dressing smartly and professionally. However, remember to wear something comfortable that looks the part so you can be as relaxed as possible during your interview. Remember, first impressions are always important!

Plan how you will get to the interview

There’s nothing worse than being late to an interview. You’ll arrived stressed and uncomfortable, which means the interview is unlikely to go as well as it could have. Get directions to their office and plan a suitable time to leave so that you’ll arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes before you’re due to be interviewed.

Practice makes perfect

If you’re able to practice a mock interview with a friend or family member then you’ll feel more prepared for the real thing. Get the person conducting the mock interview to run through the lists of questions you think they’ll ask so you can plan suitable responses to them. After you complete the mock interview ask the person conducting it to offer advice and feedback.

Do you have different ways that you help you prepare? Let us know in the comments below.

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