How to communicate effectively in business

How to communicate effectively in business

Communication can be defined as the “exchange of meanings between individuals through common system of symbols.” Spoken words, body language and actions can all define various forms of communication.

Great communication allows you to communicate with employees, employers, customers and suppliers effectively to greatly benefit your company and business. But what are the secrets to great communication?

Read 4 our steps below:

Identify your audience first

The type of audience you’re communicating the message to will change they way you communicate. When you identify your audience, it allows you to choose the correct information related to the audience and the best way to deliver it to them.

Remember the three C’s of communication

The three C’s of communication are clear, complete and correct. You need to make sure what you are communicating to your intended audience is clear, you need to complete the message and you must make sure the information is correct.

Define the reason why you’re communicating

Before you communicate effectively you need to define the purpose for communicating. Do you want feedback from your audience? Or is the information you’re giving to your audience just for their knowledge (doesn’t require a response). You should always make is clear during any interaction what the purpose of it is.

What channels of communication should you use?

You could use various different ways to communicate your message. You may wish to do it verbally, non-verbally, or written. The choice is up to you, but remember that choosing the correct and most efficient way to deliver will allow the delivery of the message to be more effective.

Things you need to remember when communicating in business

One of the most important things you need to remember when communicating in business is that you need to remain professional at all times. Speak professionally, act professionally and keep out the jargon. When writing letters make sure your wording is professional and accurate.

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