What makes a great leader

What makes a great leader

Being a great leader in the world of business also means being a great role model for your colleagues. A leader needs to be enthusiastic, always keeping the main goal or outcome in focus at all times. A good leader sees the bigger picture, and is able to remain calm in tricky situations.

But what else makes a great leader?

Be knowledgeable in your field

Being knowledgeable in a field allows a leader to provide excellent guidance, train and teach employees about different scenarios and practices. A knowledgeable leader is able to draw on past experience and use judgement and intuition to overcome difficult and unexpected situations.

Become a role model

A great role model will earn respect from their colleagues. Becoming a role model involves a number of different elements. Great leaders will always act professionally, listen to and support colleagues, lead by example, meet deadlines and demonstrate how to communicate professionally.

Be confident

A confident leader will inspire confidence in their team, maintaining a high morale and a focused workforce. Keeping a positive attitude and approach will keep a team happy, and therefore motivated.

Be able to develop your team

A great leader will work with their team to develop their strengths and address their weaknesses. A leader is there not just to set goals and targets, but more importantly to support staff to achieve those goals.

Learn how to delegate tasks well

The ability to delegate tasks to the right people is an important skill to have when managing personnel in a business. A great leader can you identify who on a team will perform a certain task the best. To do this, great leaders will understand their staff capabilities and strengths, and know which tasks each of their team enjoys doing the most. If staff are enjoying their work, they’ll likely put their best efforts in to it and perform well.

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