How to avoid plagiarism

How to avoid plagiarism

As a student it is important that you identify in your assignment when you are using the words or ideas of another author to avoid plagiarism. If you don’t do it correctly it could lose you marks!

Follow our simple guide on how to avoid plagiarism below (please remember that this isn’t a fully detailed guide on The Harvard System):

Are you using your own words?

In short, if you’re using your own words and not taking the idea(s) from elsewhere then you’re not committing plagiarism. If it isn’t your own opinion, then you could be, if you’re not following the right procedure.

If they’re not your own words, are you using quotation marks?

If you’re using a reference from a book, journal or other source then it must be placed inside quotation marks at both the beginning and the end of the quote. If you’re not then you are likely committing plagiarism. Always use quotation marks and always cite your sources.

Make sure you add your references/bibliography at the end of your work

All of the sources you refer to in the main body of your work need to be listed at the end of the assignment in a reference list. You only need to list those sources from which you have either quoted or paraphrased.

When you’re putting together your reference list, the sources should be listed alphabetically by author’s surname. All sources should also be positioned left justified and never be preceded by a bullet-point or number. Finally, all the sources should be listed together.

It’s best practice to put your reference list on a separate page form the rest of your assignment and title it ‘References’ or ‘Literature Cited’ – with the title font the same font and size as the other headings in your assignment.

Important Note: Most courses at EThames Graduate School and at many other UK institutions use The Harvard System for referencing, so please note that this short guide will only focus on that format.

EThames Graduate School students can find a detailed version of The Harvard System on LiveCampus. You must have log-in details to access it.

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