What are the essential qualities to be great social care professional?

What are the essential qualities to be great social care professional?

Whether you are already studying HND Health and Social Care with EThames Graduate School or you are thinking to join the course it is good to know the most important qualities of social care professional.

Communication Skills 

Great communication skills are essential for every social care worker. You will need to communicate with your patients, their families and professionals in healthcare.

Emotional Stability

Work of social care professional is not easy. You may experience, illnesses, traumatic sufferings, and death on daily basis. You need to make sure that you are emotionally prepared for it.


Emphatic personality is essential quality for all  healthcare workers. People that you will take care may be in pain. You will need to sympathise with their feelings and comfort them.

Flexibility and problem solving

As a social care professional you will face many unexpected situations and problems. You will need to remain flexible, but also follow the procedures to deal with the problems.

Ability to act quickly under pressure 

If you are planning career in Health and Social care you will need to know how to act in case of emergency. You will need to stay calm and follow the  procedures .

Physical Endurance 

Let’s be honest. Social Carer work is physically demanding. You will need to fit to help to carry your patients or any objects if required. You will be also required to stand on your feet for many hours.

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