What are employability skills and how important are they?

What are employability skills and how important are they?

Companies are no longer just looking for employees with the right qualifications, but staff with employability skills. Employability skills are assets, attributes and achievements that make individuals more likely to gain employment and achieve success in their chosen career.

What are the different type of employability skills?

ICT skills

ICT skills are one of the most important skills to have in the modern work environment. A candidate who doesn’t have adequate ICT skills will be at a major disadvantage to those who do. ICT is vital for work place communication, as almost all businesses communicate by email. If you don’t know how to operate computers, you’ll struggle to communicate effectively with co-workers.

Effective communication

Verbal and non-verbal communication such body language can say a lot in the workplace. It is important to be positive and communicate in a professional manner when talking to colleagues. Every employee must remember, even when they are not communicating a message, they are still communicating. Every step an employee takes, every smile, every move is a form of communication. It is important to be aware at all times of the signs made in the workplace.

Punctuality and reliability

What if an employee walks into a meeting 10 minutes late? What if employee had also forgotten the PowerPoint presentation? If you’re unreliable then your value as an employee is seriously diminished.

Working in a team

To be able to trust an employee when working with one another is essential. It may be, as you well know, that if one member of a group does not carry out their task it can have a resounding effect on the team. Being able to work in a team, all with the same objectives in mind is a vital employability skill.

Problem solving

Almost all employers will look for problem solving skills before they hire you. You should be able to identify the problem and then create suitable strategies and solutions to overcome it.

If you have most of the employability skills that we’ve listed above, then you are prepared for employment. Having the right skills defines you as an employee and as a person. Employability skills will come with time, commitment and learning. It takes time and effort to define yourself as a professional.

Are there any employability skills that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comment section below!

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