Autumn charity event organised by EThames students

Autumn charity event organised by EThames students

At the last day of November EThames students organised a fantastic charity event. It was a part of the assessment for HND Business class. The purpose of the project was to combine theoretical business knowledge with practical event management skills.

Choosing the right charity

Students decided to support the charity BBC Children in Need. Other organizations were also taken into the consideration but finally BBC Children in Need won the hearts of our students.

The logistics of organizing a charity event

As you can see in our previous articles, organizing a charity event is not easy. Students were divided into three different groups specialised in: Marketing, food preparation, fundraising and Health & Safety. Furthermore individual roles within groups (such as leadership position) were divided, based on individual talents and interests of students.

In order to stay on track with the preparation students used action plan.

Dealings with people outside college

Students as a part of their project had to deal with external business owners to get support for the event.


The Charity experience as a learning experience

The experience of organizing the event helped EThames students to examine the leadership theory in practice. Diversity of leadership personalities resulted it slightly different and unique experience for each student. Even more the complexity of the task helped students to develop multiple transferable skills such as: people management, professional communication, sales pitching.


The event was extremely successful. Please enjoy the pictures gallery bellow.

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