Why choose Access to Higher Education in Media and Cultural studies at EThames?

Why choose Access to Higher Education in Media and Cultural studies at EThames?

Are you interested in culture and media?

We live in interesting times of rapid political and cultural change. Studying Access to Media and Culture course will enrich your understanding of social and political changes transforming the way we live. You will learn how to approach complex topics academically to prepare you for higher education.

What could you do with Access to Higher Education course in Media and cultural studies?

At the end of the course you will be prepared to enter degree programme in: Media, Advertising, Journalism, Sociology, Politics or other Social Sciences programme. Completion of Social Sciences degree will eventually land you to a job as a: journalists, media expert, PR executive, Social Media coordinator, teacher and many others. The opportunities are countless.

Why should you choose EThames for Access to HE in Media and Cultural studies?

EThames teaches students in smaller groups than at many UK universities and colleges, with normally fewer than 40 students in a class. This allows for students to get individual support and guidance from their tutors. All EThames teachers are approachable; they are there to help you develop to your full potential. The EThames campus is a 7-storey building, with well-equipped classrooms, lots of computers, a very large student common room with pool tables, air hockey and table tennis.

Our Media and Cultural studies teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach. You will get a chance to learn from the experts, who will prepare you for your studies in Higher Education

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