Access to HE Diploma in Business Studies

Access to HE Diploma in Business Studies

Why study Business in London?

London is the financial and business capital of the United Kingdom. If you already live in London you can consider yourself lucky. There are thousands of employers that require well qualified and trained staff. After studying a Business course, you could become a bank operative, marketing manager, sales coordinator, project manager and administrator and even start your own business or join a start-up.  There are countless opportunities and a qualification in Business is a practical starting point.


Why study Business at EThames?

The Access to Higher Education Diploma (Business Studies) course at EThames will help you gain the skills and knowledge essential in business and management areas, from assessing and solving business-related problems to discovering different aspects of business operations. You will have a chance to learn from our lecturers who are experienced practitioners and experts in their fields. You will study in small classes, so there will always be opportunity to ask questions and engage with our lecturers.  Our students learn through engaging and interactive methods which allow them to apply knowledge in real-life case studies or situations, preparing them to become business leaders of the future.

At the end of the course, you will have good understanding of management, business strategy, marketing and business maths. If you decide to continue your educational journey and apply for a Bachelor degree, this qualification is sufficient to meet the admissions requirements of many universities.  We have successful partnerships with other institutions and will be able to advise you on opportunities for further studies. However, if you intend to apply for employment, be confident that employers will recognize and appreciate your knowledge and skills.


EThames facilities

If you choose to study at EThames you will get access our great facilities and services. We have fully equipped lecture halls and seminar rooms, computer labs with up to date software that you may need for your studies and the library – physical and online!  Your course will be also supported by our online learning platform, accessible from anywhere.  On campus, we have a socializing area where you can relax with your classmates or play table tennis! In addition, we provide classes and tutorials that will further strengthen your study skills.

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