5 tips for making an effective LinkedIn profile

5 tips for making an effective LinkedIn profile

Are you new to LinkedIn? LinkedIn is almost like an online showcase of your professional history, past successes and your skills. A detailed and impressive LinkedIn profile could lead to you building  professional networks and potentially landing your dream job in the future.

But how do you make sure you LinkedIn profile is up to scratch?

Detail is important

Detail is very important when maximizing the use of your LinkedIn profile. Your profile is a lot more likely to be viewed by other professionals if you add the correct education and current job role. A short summary at the top of your profile will not only give viewers and insight in to your personality, but you’ll be able to place relevant keywords to your profession in their to help your profile become more searchable.

Remain active

Join groups that are relevant to your professional/future profession and keep active within them. Comment on other members posts, suggest areas for group discussion and network with like-minded people. Keeping active in groups could help you build connections which could potentially lead to a new job in the future.

Make it visual

LinkedIn gives you the option to add photos, videos, or audio clips to accompany different aspects of your profile. This could be a great chance to make your previous experience more visual to the viewer. Show them through different forms of media the previous projects you have worked on.

Have a professional profile photo

Whilst a group photo of your friends is fun for Facebook and Twitter, it doesn’t work so well on LinkedIn. Consider LinkedIn as a professional online space. You’d want to people to have a positive first impression of you, and your image will be one of the first things on your profile that they see.

Keep it honest

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional social networking site, and much like the professional world offline, lying is often not tolerated. An honest profile demonstrates how ethical you are and any wrong information could likely be found out just by searching online.

 Do you have any tips on how to make an effective LinkedIn profile? If you do, then comment below!

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