4 reasons to start a blog for your business

4 reasons to start a blog for your business

Nowadays, it may feel like every company has got some form of a blog. If your business isn’t blogging, then you could be missing out on a vital marketing opportunities.

Here are 4 reasons why your business absolutely needs a blog:

It’s a way to connect with your market

A blog can be a simple and easy way to share important product/business information with your customers. In the modern age, using a blog can be a great way to interact with the smartphone-obsessive and possibly grab the attention of new clientele. The average person spends more time a day on their smartphone than they do sleeping.

You can acquire more business

According to a HubSpot survey, 60% of businesses who blog see an increase in business. Blogging is a fantastic way to demonstrate your expertise within your industry, which can allow you to build trust between your business and your customers. A blog can also encourage your customers to interact with you, generating feedback and conversations that will make your business flourish.

It can be a cheap form of marketing

A blog can be started with no money whatsoever. Websites such as WordPress and Blogger will let you create an account for free, which you can customize with your own content and different themes. A blog can help you build your brand awareness and promote your products for free.

It can drive even more traffic to your website

Every time you post on your blog it’s one more page that could possible show up in search engines. This means that the more posts there are, the more likely somebody is likely to find your blog and your website. Posting regularly will keep your site active, which is good news for search engines like Google, who will then place your website higher in search engine results.

Has your business blog benefited your business? Comment below and share your stories!

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